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Upper Kananaskis Lake

Upper Kananaskis Lake looking West

A beautiful lake with awesome mountain background.

My first hike of the 2016 season.  We chose it to not have too much vertical.  Many nice lake / mountain views as you go around the lake.


From Calgary: 137km

Distance: 17.6km

Elevation Gain: 1700m - 1767m = 67m      

-delta/km: 32,54,31,58,52,36,62,8,29,42,51,26,121,81,73,94,73,39

Hiked: June 3, 2016   (Friday)      Time: 6.5 hr

- only met three sets of hikers

Wine: Valpolicella     Cheese: Smoked Goudha

1. The trail head is, appropriately enough, at the Upper Kananaskis Lake parking lot.  Since you are circumnavigating the lake you can go clockwise or counter clockwise.  We chose to go counter clockwise, which after see it is the best way for the views.  After about 5km you cross the damn and start following the north side of the lake.  At the damn there is another parking lot and by having two cars you could potentially shorten the hike.

2. As you follow the north side of the lake you get some of the best mountain views.

3. At the far end of the lake you come to a rock slide... the trail is a bit faint.. it continues west through the slide and then turns south.

4. At the end of the lake there is camping, an outhouse and nice views down the length of the lake.  We chose here to stop for a lunch.  (About 9 km - half way round)

5. The south side of the lake the path is in the tree with glimpses here and there of the lake and the mountains on the other sides.  The path also crosses two streams with waterfalls.

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