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Rummel Pass

Rummel Lake


This is an incredible hike with lots to see throughout.  Elevation gain is nice and gradual with few steep parts.


From Calgary: 142km - Take #1 to Kananaskis Lake Trail #40 then go to 742

Distance: 15.32km     In: 8.3    Out: 7km

Elevation Gain: 561m     Average Grade: 7%     Max:12%     (42,118,101,36,60,30,103,51,-11,-63,-88,-45,-45-51,-158)

Hiked: Aug 8, 2015     Time: 7.5 hours     Wine: Barolo    Cheese: Smoked Gouda

-We were among five groups of early hikers.  We met about the same on the way down.

1. Rummel Lake Trail: The trail starts on Smith-Dorien Trail at the turn off to Mount Engadine Lodge.

Rummel Lake trail head

Path from trail head

2. The first three kilometers of the trail are the steepest and also the least interesting as the path climbs first to the south and then back to the north of the mountain.  Soon however, there are breaks in the trees that allow views of the mountains back to west.

Viewing back to the west

3. About four and half kilometers into the hike you will get to Rummel Creek.  There is an opportunity to cross it.  Do not cross.

If you follow the south side of the creek there are two very nice waterfalls... trust me... they are worth seeing... the pictures do not do them justice.  The path past the first waterfall is quite narrow.  For those uncomfortable, go see the waterfall then backtrack.  There is a path that goes up the hill and behind and is not as challenging.

Don't cross the bridge or you will miss the waterfalls.

4. Shortly after the second water fall you come to Rummel Lake.  The lake is small but the shear face of Galatea is inspiring.

5. The Tower Route: Following the path around the lake there is, after a short distance, a path that ascends to the north.  Following the trail you will ascend for a little over half a mile.  There you will find yourself in a meadow.  In front of you, you will see saddle backs created by scree that has come down from the mountains, blocking the valley and creating a series of small lakes.

6. Lost Lake Route:  Follow the path towards the break in the mountains.  There seems to be some optical illusion that makes the distance and amount climb to the pass seem much greater than they actually are.  Other than the fact that you are walking on scree, the way is easy from here and the view from the pass is definitely worth it!

From the pass

7. Going back you will also be treated to some beautiful views.  When you get back to Rummel Lake you may wish to take the path which goes to the north of the one you arrived on.  It is a wider and shorter path.

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