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Rawson Lake

Rawson Lake looking south

A beautiful lake with awesome mountain background.

This was my first hike after a long while and so it felt like a bit of a trudge to get up but it was well worth it.  Behind it there is another climb to ridge on Mt. Sarrail that was too much this time but will need to be tackled next time.


From Calgary: 137km

Distance: 10.5km

Elevation Gain: 371m     Average Grade:6%     Max:13%     (53,126,126,0,18,-18,0,-126,-126,-53,0)

Hiked: July 25, 2015     Time: 5 hours

- there were tons of people throughout the day, sometimes in large groups

Wine: Nebbelo     Cheeze: 5yr old Quebec white cheddar

1. Rawson Lake Trail: The trail head is at Upper Kananaskis Lake parking lot and you are immediately treated to a view of the lake.

2. The first portion of the trail is relatively flat for the first kilometer.  At this point you pass Sarrail falls and the trail turns uphill.  This is quite steep but only lasts about 1.5 km.

Sarrail Falls

3.  After the climb you come out of the trees at Rawson Lake with the shear face of Mt Sarrail framing it.

4. The path travels around the lake on the west side to the foot of Mt. Sarrail.  Go with caution as Grizzlys are reputed to frequent the area.

5.  The path continues up to the saddle, but alas was not to be this trip... 

... still well worth the trip

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