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Burstall Pass

Burstall Pass looking east

Eye candy from start to end, easy elevations, great hike.


From Calgary: 137km     Take #1 to Kananaskis Trail #40 then go to 742

Distance: 15.7

Elevation Gain: 364m     Average Grade: 5%     Max: 15%     (36,33,7,9,-16,112,53,121,-93,-29,-149,7,-14,-5,-32,-40)

Hiked: Aug 30, 2015     Time: 5 hrs     Wine: Multipulciano     Cheese: Montego

- When we got to the pass it started raining so we turned back.  Next time do side hikes.  We were the second group up and passed 13 others on the way down.

From the trail head

1. The trail head is the Burstall Pass parking lot which sits beside mud lake.  Here you are already looking up toward the pass with the mountains lined up waiting.  The first part of the path, about 3.5 km is an old logging road.  It ascends, but so gradually you will hardly notice.  (~91m)  The walk affords many nice views of the mountains on either side of you.

The logging road

2. At about 3.1 km along the trial, before the log road ends, you will see a lake.  This is the largest of the Burstall lakes.  

Burstall Lake

Gravel meadow

3. Shortly beyond the lake the log road ends and there are a number of bike racks and just beyond that you get to the Burstall Creek gravel meadows.  This is a gravel meadow with creeks winding their way all through.  In September it is possible to get through and keep you feet dry but that may be pretty difficult in the spring.

4. At the end of the meadow begins the hike's first real climb (~5.2 km).  Here you climb 163 m in about 1.3 km.  There are some compensations... a nice little waterfall and some beautiful views.

5. At the top you will find another meadow with increasingly amazing views.

6. At the end of the meadow there is a second climb (126 m in 1 km) and you are at the pass and incredible views.

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